Service Units

These units are called TEAMS and are led by TEAM LEADERS who ensure seamless relationships of responsibility, accountability and communication between the different teams. We leverage the gifting of God in the lives of members who have acknowledged their SHAPE and are ready to use such to touch others.

Ointment of Grace
Our choir and worship team creates the right atmosphere through inspiring and anointed music. Worship is one of our major strengths.

They accompany the worship team and choir with various musical instruments; they combine skill and anointing in doing this.

The power house of the church - stands in the gap and charts the course in the place of prayer. We believe things happen when we pray.

They attend to emergencies and minor health issues that arise during services and also champion our medical outreaches to the communities around us.

You meet them as you come into service, they receive you with contagious smiles and open arms, ensure orderliness while maintaining friendly disposition during meetings.

Love squad
Our follow-up unit, they attend to our visitors and call members who miss service or have issues. As the name implies, they show God's love through effective follow up.

Offer guidance to members through effective, biblical, one-on-one counselling and coaching spanning various aspects of life. When an individual wants to get married, marriage counselling is a MUST. They also offer counselling for career-minded people.

They offer care, support and aid to members. In God's Chamber, it’s not possible to be stranded, there is always a shoulder to lean on.

GC Marshalls
Your first contact when you arrive at the car park. They ensure the safety of our vehicles and smooth flow of traffic.

GC Resource
They see to the effective distribution and sales of our messages

GC Multimedia
They coordinate the video coverage and multimedia displays thereby making service more interactive.

GC Technical
This is the power house of the church and they handle our sound and lighting systems, electrical matters and also maintain church equipment.

Church impact is beyond our four walls. To this end, the outreach team interfaces with our environment, helping us touch lives that may never come into our church building.


We execute the great commission through this team, regularly reaching out to unsaved souls and bringing them into the Kingdom.

Step into our facility and check out the beauty - it’s the Aesthetics team that painstakingly turns things around.

Church Care
God dwells in a clean environment and this team takes utmost care of the church environment. You don’t have to worry about dirt, we did not pray them out; we cleaned them and it’s our way of serving God.

Holy men wrote as they were inspired; we also have this same Spirit and so we have men who write to enrich the minds of people.

Facility Management
In GC, serving God with our skills and intellect is our utmost pleasure, we are architects, engineers and we maintain our present facility as we look forward to erecting our own permanent church facility in the nearest future. Be warned it’s going to be the next wonder!